SIG Meetings

SIG N-of-1:


Chairs: Nicky O’Brien, Suzanne McDonald

Overview of the SIG session:

During the N-of-1 SIG this year, we will provide a summary of activities in the previous year, an introduction to SIG committee members and roles, and explore the needs and preferences of SIG members for future activities.

Attendees: The SIG will be open to those who are already members of the SIG or indicate interest in joining as a member of the SIG before the meeting. Prior registration for the meeting is required.

SIG Habit:


Chairs: Dr Benjamin Gardner & Dr Phillippa Lally

Overview of the SIG session: 

TITLE: Flexible habits: Advancing Dual-Process Models of Health Behavior Using Intensive Longitudinal Data in the Era of COVID-19

DESCRIPTION: This session will discuss new theoretical and methodological directions in the study of habit and health behaviour. Guest speaker Prof Genevieve Dunton will discuss the concept of ‘flexible habits’ and how it might best be captured using real-world data, followed by group discussions of arising theoretical and applied questions and future research directions.

Attendees: Open to anyone attending the conference, no registration required

SIG Digital health and computer tailoring:


Chairs: Eline Smit, Laura Konig

Overview of the SIG session:

The Digital Health & Computer-tailoring SIG is looking forward to meeting you all digitally. We will hold our annual general meeting to update all members and interested conference attendees on our recent and planned activities before facilitating networking activities. The agenda for this session is as follows (all times CEST):

9:30 – 10:00 am: annual general meeting: introduction of the SIG and SIG committee and update on past and ongoing activities
10:00 – 11:00 am: networking and discussion about future SIG activities

SIG Equity, Global Health & Sustainibility:


Chairs: Jennifer Inauen and Lucia Rehackova

Overview of the SIG session:

In this session of the SIG Equity, Global Health and Sustainability, we will hear a keynote lecture by Niels Peter Rygaard, head and founder of Fairstart Global and recipient of the APA international award for humanitarian work. His lecture is entitled “Climate Change: Theory, Effects on Families, and Global Online Interventions”. The second half of the session is dedicated to updates of the SIG’s activities and setting goals for the upcoming year.


All delegates are welcome to join our session (no preregistration required).

SIG Open Science :


Chairs: Elaine Toomey, Emma Norris

Overview of the SIG session:

  • Updates on SIG activities this year (no. members, newsletter, webinars, conference sessions, intro article in European Health Psychologist, Award etc.)
  • Reminder of how to sign-up
  • Update on Research Prioritisation project
  • Announcement of the EHPS OS SIG ECR Bursary 2021 winner
  • Brainstorm initiative ideas for next year
  • Making EHPS Conference more open
  • Recruitment of SIG committee members
  • AOB


    Open to anyone attending the EHPS conference